Spark Imagination, See New Possibilities, Focus Direction, Overcome Obstacles, Take action


Vision Cards

Do you want help:

Manifesting your vision?
Seeking clarity & direction?
Honing your message?

Fertile Ground Vision Cards use archetypal imagery to focus your intention and attention on utilizing your unique talents and gifts. The companion guidebook provides powerful questions and other tools to maximize the cards’ potential.

Step inside to find out how these Vision Cards can help you.



Dynamic, introspective and transformative, Fertile Ground workshops get to the heart of desire and provide inspiring direction.

Workshop topics range from igniting personal passion to cultivating greater leadership. The added bonus: they cultivate community to provide support and insight along the journey.

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  * Create what you really want.
  *  Live your passions.
  * Take meaningful, productive action.

An international coach and creative consultant, Carolyn Campbell helps you get to the source of your issue AND create with clarity, pleasure and purpose.

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